I thought I'd take a page and talk about why I built Ticket Stub Diary.

I've always been a huge fan of live music. In 2014, I made a New Year's Resolution to see, on average, one concert per week. I saw more than sixty, and I collected a lot of ticket stubs. I had started attaching some to my whiteboard with magents, but the whiteboard quickly became unusable.

I didn't want to throw them out - each one carried a memory - but I needed a better way to keep track. I had my blog about my 52 Shows adventure, but I'm always up for building something new. That's when I had the idea for Ticket Stub Diary.

I've since built an app that lets me catalog all of the shows that I've seen and look at some interesting data points about my concert-going activities (I visited 20+ venues last year!). Since anything worth doing is worth doing right, I built it out with a full log-in system so other people can use it, too.

If you're a concert fanatic like me, hopefully it helps you keep track of the different shows you see. Thanks for checking it out!